How your voice of the customer approach ensures you’re heard.

What is it?

How well do you know your customer? How well do you know your voice of the customer? Going beyond the sell, what do you know about their expectations, their challenges and the pressures that are being put on them? And more importantly, what do you know about how you can help them with all of this? Your voice of the customer approach is the best way to ensure that your purpose, product and services are positioned in a way that aligns with what your customers need, when they need it.

Voice of the customer best practices:

  • Phone interviews. We’ll do this the old-fashioned way…
  • Video conferencing. Because sometimes you need to “hear their face.”
  • Social channels and marketing technology review. What they’re saying to everyone else is just as important as what they’re saying to you.
  • Customer communication overview: We will survey your customers and audit your content strategy to see if what you think is working is doing the job.
  • Net promoter score. Our team can walk you through this process that wastes no time getting to what matters the most.

What do I get from it?

Consider that there may never be a better time to reach out to your customer and how that can give you a jump on what life looks for them – and you – as companies review their pandemic communications plan.

What should I expect my role to be?

We will talk through what’s driving this need and what you are specifically looking to learn. We will talk through specifics such as any outstanding timelines or milestones, existing customer communication data, audience profiles and break-down, number of touchpoints that are appropriate and overall approval process.

How long will it take to create my voice of the customer approach?

Using voice of the customer best practices, this is a process that can be executed in two to four weeks. You will receive a complete report with summarized findings, key takeaways, immediate and potential challenges and next step recommendations to deliver the voice of the customer value that drives your customer communication plan.

next steps:

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I want to learn more about voice of the customer best practices.

Email us with any and all questions that can help you decide if this is the right step for you.

I want to think about if a voice of the customer approach is right for me.

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