Selling in a virtual world is virtually possible.

What is it?

Though face-to-face meetings still happen time to time, the selling environment has swung to online formats. Is your sales team armed with the right tools? Do they feel empowered and are they confident enough to clinch the sale screen-to-screen? From personalized training to custom material development, akhia’s virtual sales training can help you optimize your team’s efforts.

What do I get from it?

After a virtual training session with akhia, your team will feel assured and prepared to take on virtual customer interactions and move prospects further down the sales funnel. akhia can also help you create materials customized to your team’s individual needs to help make the sale. From virtual ebooks to full-blown buyers’ journey mapping and asset creation, we can meet you where you are and help you achieve your goals.

How long will this take?

We can take as little or as much time as you want. A virtual training session can be turned around in a week, while custom materials may take a bit longer to make sure we provide everything you need the first time around.

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