Does your martech stack up?

What is it?

It could be the fastest way to cut out wasted monthly costs causing your company to lose 20 – 30% of its revenue, annually. Your marketing technology tools all serve a purpose. But that purpose might have a shelf life. How can you tell what communication tools are working … which ones you need … and what you can do without? That’s where akhia communications comes in – we will audit your software investment and see if your martech stack is working for you.


Questions you can expect to answer through this program:

  • Have you been asked about your martech stack in the past 6 months?
  • Do you know what a martech stack is or what yours looks like?
  • How many different customer communication platforms does your team subscribe to?
  • How many of those platforms are utilized to their fullest extent?
  • How comfortable is your team with using your marketing technology?
  • Are all of your marketing technology platforms able to talk to one another?

What do I get from it?

In addition to potential cost savings…the peace of mind in knowing you have the right communication tools in place. Or that you are redirecting your resources to those needed the most.

How long will this take to create?

Working together to audit your marketing technology and see how your martech stack is working for you, we estimate it will take two weeks from our first conversation to a finished report and recommendation. Once you approve the recommendation, we will have your new program in place within three weeks. And we’ll finish with the training you need should you want to manage this internally going forward.

next steps:

I want to see if my martech stack is properly optimized.

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I want to learn more about optimizing my martech stack.

Email us with any and all questions that can help you decide if this is the right step for you.

I want to think about if I should evaluate my martech stack.

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the essentials:

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