How to get started creating an effective internal communication plan

What is it?

Your most valuable audience deserves its own communication plan. Creating an internal communications plan is one way you can leverage your employees and help them as they are expected to do more than ever before. It will be more important than ever to bring employees together toward common causes, potentially around an organizational rally cry.

Where do I even start?

At the beginning. When is the last time you evaluated your Mission, Vision and Values? Do you know your organization’s purpose – more importantly do your employees? Those should be key components of your content strategy – and need to be at the core of your internal communication action plan.

At a time when people expect so much more from their employers, your organization has an opportunity to become the leader they need during a time when loyalty and equity carry so much weight.

What will an internal communication strategy do for my organization?

Working together we will build (or update) an internal communications action plan that will help employees understand their role in your company’s future. In addition to creating a strong internal base, you will have the essentials you need to carry over to your internal communications plan matrix, touching employee experience, employee engagement, crisis communication and HR.

How long will this take?

To develop? Three – four weeks. To implement? Another three – four weeks. To sustain? Forever.

Maybe the biggest benefit of your internal communications strategy is you are creating a legacy and living plan … at the same time. This is a program that will grow with your business while becoming a touchstone to help guide all future developments.

Today’s internal communications ‘must haves’

Not sure if this should be a priority for you – or where to start – consider these six critical areas as you evaluate your internal communication action plan.

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