employer brand audit

What is it?

The world is reopening. But as of April 2021, there were more than 9 million open jobs (a record high), yet employers are struggling to find, hire and keep talent and get fully back to work. This program from akhia communications works as an extension to your HR and Internal Communications efforts to identify ways to improve your employer brand through the implementation of a strategy designed to mitigate the labor shortage.

Where to start?

By taking a step back and asking some important questions.

  • When was the last time you completed an audit of your employer brand and your efforts?
  • What’s changed since then?
  • Are your communications aligned with the current company values, what you offer and why an applicant should work for your organization?
  • Are you speaking to needs of the average worker with relevant and attractive benefits?

We’ll work together to see where the gaps and areas of opportunity lie, go through our process, and develop a strategic action plan that’s customized and scalable for your business.

What will this do for my organization?

Once you identify areas of opportunity to address your most important factors in attracting and retaining talent, your action plan can be leveraged immediately to fill voids and work toward your new normal.

How long will this take?

This program is offered in three scalable stages. Develop the plan, implement it and sustain it. It will take anywhere from two to eight weeks to develop a custom program for your business. Implementation and sustainment will be ongoing.

next steps:

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