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A message from our CEO, President, Ben Brugler

Hey there. You came by! I bet you didn’t expect much excitement on a sign-up page. Truth is, I love these newsletters. And I’m so glad you see value in them.

I started writing “ben thinking” 10 years ago as a favor to a few clients who said, “can you send me an email with all the things you read and find interesting? I just don’t have the time!” It started with five who were interested. Then I added 20 close clients that I knew would enjoy. But it kept growing, organically, to what it is today.

I still pick the articles. I still read through what’s going on in your industries, our business and the overall trends. In 10 years, I’ve had eight opt-outs. That’s a number I’m proud of because it means that despite how much things have changed, the stories I’m tracking are still of value – and that’s what really matters at the end of the day.

The AI round-up is a little newer. Same concept as “ben thinking” but a lot – A LOT – more to digest. I try to break the stories down in terms of news, perspectives/opinions and resources. You may see a line or two from me but for the most part … these are simply links to the week’s biggest stories.

Thanks for inviting me into your inbox. Oh, and if you ever want to unsubscribe … all you have to do is email me directly. No hard feelings.

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