Discovering Your Customer Buyer’s Journey

Customer buyer’s journey – an overview

Discovering your customer buyer’s journey program is a complete look at the entire  b2b customer communication plan, specifically the overall experience your company provides. Every person, every form of communication, every piece of your content strategy should serve a purpose for where you customer is at in their  buyer’s journey stage and consistently represent your brand experience. Every communication touchpoint with your customer should fit into the larger customer buyer’s journey and how information exchanged can help their counterparts.

Why the customer buyer’s journey matters

Companies have access and control over their b2b communication plans and customer buyer’s journey touchpoints, but very few look beyond their role to see the potential impact across the whole business. Teams need to work together, share data and create a consistent b2b customer communication experience. Marketing teams should have access to the reasons why customers fall off and don’t retain their business. Product teams need to be made aware of what customers are reporting to customer service teams. Human Resources needs to understand customer demands so they are retaining the right resources. These are opportunities you can create that affect the whole company.

Is a customer buyer’s journey right for me?

The more important question is what does it mean if you don’t incorporate this into your b2b communication plan? The negative impact on your b2b customer communication strategy can hurt your bottom line.

You need to start mapping your buyer’s journey stages to realize the true impact of your entire b2b communication strategy.

How do I get started on my customer buyer’s journey?

akhia communications provides a survey to clients for their entire team to complete. Anyone who plays a role in the customer buyer’s journey will participate. This sets the benchmark and foundation for what we need to do. Your team attends a facilitation session where we begin to uncover your key touchpoints, who and where they sit within your organization and determine the customer experience we ultimately need to create.

Because our industry is so visually driven, you need to see it to believe it. So let us walk you through what a customer buyer’s journey looks like to help you decide if this is right for your b2b communication strategy.

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