AI round-up: week of August 21st

“The rule for exponential curves is that they changed the world slowly at first, and then suddenly.”

Erik Brynjolfsson, Stanford University innovation economist

The above quote is from the biggest read of the week:

August 14, 2023, from Business Insider: AI is going to eliminate way more jobs than anyone realizes

…on the flip side…

August 23, 2023, from Search Engine Land: No, AI won’t change your marketing job. A contrarian view

(What say you?)


August 23, 2023, from Tech Crunch: Meta releases an AI model that can transcribe and translate close to 100 languages

→C3-PO isn’t impressed. Everyone else is.

August 18, 2023, from Reuters: Big advertisers shift to AI

The ‘say what, now?’ story of the week:

AI and creative: When one ad is more than one ad

→If you’re an actor, is this your future?

August 18, 2023, from The Hollywood Reporter: AI-created art isn’t copyrightable

August 16, 2023 from the McKinsey blog: Meet Lilli, McKinsey’s new generative AI tool that’s a researcher, a time saver and an inspiration.


August 22, 2023, from Yahoo! Finance: IBM CEO who paused the hiring of 7800 jobs due to AI says the world needs the technology.

August 16, 2023, from Venture Beat: Gartner Hype Cycle places AI on the ‘peak of inflated expectations’


The Dark Side of AI: Ensuring Ethical AI Practices in Public Relations

Course alert: Metacademy—Generative AI (free)

From Shelly Palmer

You will want to bookmark these:

From the U.S. Copyright Office: Copyright and AI resource center.

From Nieman Lab: AP and AI. Positioning and AP Stylebook updates.

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