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presented on June 23, 2023

akhia CEO and president Ben Brugler welcomed Cathy McPhillips of the Marketing AI Institute for the webinar ‘AI on AI: authentic information on artificial intelligence.’ Over the course of an hour, Cathy and Ben talked about her observations, shared some insights and sorted through the noise to provide a bit of clarity on some of the hottest topics around AI, including:

  • Demystifying AI’s role in marketing
  • Determining use cases and goals before jumping in
  • Examples of ways we’ve been personally using AI tools
  • AI and the law

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key takeaways

Don’t have time to watch the full webinar recording? No problem! 

three key areas of AI communication professionals should be focusing on right now: 

  1. Lead the formation of a task force/steering committee within your company
  2. Proactively engage legal, now, as there is so little precedent for how this technology will be regulated and enforced
  3. Create guardrails for how your company can use/apply AI (but know they are going to change, constantly)

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ben brugler

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